Mechanical Repairs

When things break on your car it needn't be a headache. Overheating, faulty headlight, alternator not charging, noises from the engine bay or a 'dodgy solenoid' can all be dealt with swiftly and cheaply

Since the scope for Mechanical Repairs is so vast it is unrealistic to publish prices online.

What we can say is that our hourly rate is £72 per hour (including VAT naturally) and that we charge to the nearest 0.1 of an hour with a minimum charge of 0.25 of an hour (15mins).

All of our job times are set by Autodata and we only extend these times if the condition of the vehicle prevents the work being done in this given time.


Ongoing mechanical repairs are essential as they not only keep your vehicle roadworthy they also prevent further damage to other components.

Fixing an item when it breaks will also help to spread the cost of motoring as you will likely have to repair it for the MOT anyway.

Keeping on top of these repairs also prevents you have a 'whole host' of things wrong with your vehicle and keeps it in better condition, helps it retain its value and makes it easier to sell in the future.