We keep an extensive stock of OEM quality batteries for car, van, 4x4 and light commercial vehicles

Some popular battery prices, but please call for a battery for your specific vehicle.

017 Battery - £99.50 (Heavy Duty - 3yr Warranty)
019 Battery - £105.00 (Heavy Duty - 3yr Warranty)
063 Battery - £52.00 (Heavy Duty - 3yr Warranty)
069 Battery - £90.00 (Heavy Duty - 3yr Warranty)
072 Battery - £99.50 (Heavy Duty - 3yr Warranty)
096 Battery - £95.00 (Heavy Duty - 3yr Warranty)
110 Battery - £95.00 (Heavy Duty - 3yr Warranty)
All prices include VAT

If applicable, a fitting charge will be applied based on our hourly labour rate. The average charge for fitting a battery is £21.50 inclusive of VAT.

Modern cars have an ever-increasing range of electrical luxuries, including stop start technology, state of the art audio video systems, fridges, satellite navigation, parking lights and many electronic driver and passenger aids. All of which place additional stress on the vehicles battery.

Unfortunately, the only time we ever really become aware of this is when your battery is flat and the car wont start. This is usually at the most inconvenient time, and worse still, it's either raining or snowing!

To prevent this happening to you, we offer a free battery check to all of our customers, and if required we can offer a comprehensive range of replacement batteries from our competitively priced off the shelf range. This includes batteries suitable for Car, Van, 4x4, Petrol Engines, Diesel Engines, Marine, Leisure and Commercial use.