Your FREE 2 years roadside tyre protection!

What is Tyre Assist?

Simply put, it's Roadside Assistance for tyre-related problems. Whether it's a puncture, accidental damage or any other problem relating to your tyre which halts your journey, TyreAssist will get you on the move again!

How Do I Get It?

Every Michelin or BFGoodrich Car, Van or 4x4 tyre you buy from us gives you access to 2 Years FREE Tyre Assist cover. All you have to do is register for the service and you are covered!

More information and registration is available at, but we wanted to let you read about it on our website so that you know that it's legitimate and genuinely a great benefit!

Are There Any Caveats?

The free Tyre Assist service only covers Michelin or BFGoodrich tyres, so if you have an issue with a different brand of tyre on your vehicle then you may be charged. They will still come out and Assist though so you still have security.

Handy Tip

If you only have one Michelin or BFGoodrich tyre fitted to your car then fit it to the Near Side Rear. Most tyre related issues are punctures, and most punctures occur on the near side rear tyre. There's a free coffee in any of our branches if you can tell us why this might be?*

*There's free coffee in any of our branches for anyone who doesn't know as well