Claim Up to £100 Back with Michelin Tyres

We like it when a Tyre Manufacturer comes up with a promotion that requires little explanation, and we like it even more when it's a tangible offer. 

Quite simply, you buy 2 or more Michelin tyres for your Car, Van or 4x4, and Michelin will give you some money back!
The amount they give back depends on how many tyres you buy (2 or 4) and the size of the tyres. Bigger tyres are more expensive, so Michelin give you more back.

Even if you only need two tyres in the smaller category, the Cash Back will still cover the cost of your mid-morning coffee with a treat on the side! 

Use the promotional code SP10

Promotion runs from March 1st 2020 to 30th April. Closing date for receipt of claims 31st May 2020

Michelin cash back amounts up to £100