Infinity Budget Car Tyres

Infinity Ecosis Budget TyreInfinity car tyres combine maximum levels of security with longevity and comfort. Offering a wide range of tyres for cars, trucks and agricultural vehicles Infinity tyres offer the ultimate in technology and design to ensure they can cope with all road conditions. Their comprehensive range of products includes car tyres for 4x4s, winter tyres and ultra-high- performance tyres.

With a reputation of producing high quality, safe and efficient tyres, the United Arab Emirates army uses Infinity tyres on their vehicles, along with other popular fleet companies.

Infinity tyres are put through rigorous testing in all climates to ensure they can adequately perform in all road conditions. They are designed with a unique Infinite Grip Performance, so every car fitted with Infinity tyres has additional stability and control on all types of road surfaces.

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165/60R14 75H Eco Power 42.00
185/65R15 88H Ecosis 47.00
185/60R15 XL 88H Ecosis 47.00
185/55R15 82V Ecosis 47.00
195/65R15 91H Ecosis 47.00
195/60R15 88H Ecosis 47.00
195/55R15 85V Ecosis 47.00
195/50R15 82V Ecosis 47.00
205/55R16 91V Ecosis 48.00
225/45R17 XL 94Y Ecomax 53.00
225/40R18 XL 92Y Ecomax 54.00