Yokohama 4 Season and Winter Tyres

Yokohama Winter, 4 Season and 4x4

Every year we see that more and more people enjoying the benefits of fitting tyres suitable for ‘Winter Conditions’ so once again we have stocked up in preparation.

As in previous years, one of our preferred Mid Range brands is Yokohama as they offer superb products, with excellent availability and all at very competitive prices. 

What to Check For When Buying 

There are 2 markings that you should be aware of when buying tyres to meet your winter requirements.


This is an older marking and it stands for Mud and Snow. It means that the tyre has enhanced grip in 'slippery' conditions and that the tyre will perform 'better' than a Summer tyres in those same conditions. In simple terms, it means that the tyre is generally more 'knobbly' than a standard Summer Tyre.

What it doesn't cater for is lower temperatures, meaning that the 'rubber' still gets harder as the weather gets colder and overall grip is reduced.

3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF)

This marking is the true indicator of a proper winter tyre, and it shows that the tyre can perform to very specific standards.

3PMSF marked tyres have been approved through regulation tests to guarantee a higher level of performance under winter conditions (as stated in the European ECE regulation 117.02)

The 3PMSF marking guarantees that the tyre meets the conditions of rigorous testing and is suitable for operation in difficult weather conditions. These tyres are designed to stay flexible in temperatures below 7°C and provide excellent grip on snow, slush, wet roads and bare tarmac. The aggressive tread design and siping (small grooves in the tread blocks) provides grip and stability in snow and will disperse away water and wet snow slush.