Shall We Just Check It?

You must remember the scenario. You’re just about to head off on a long journey, and one of the ‘grown ups’ asks, “have you checked your oil?”. You huff and puff a bit, then one of them, usually your Dad, takes you out to the car to carry out your ‘pre-flight checks’.

Cars are better now, they go longer between services, they burn less oil and oil leaks are minimal, but checking the oil level (along with tyre pressures and tread depths) should still be part of your driving routine. Doing these checks makes it easier to spot a potential issue, and by doing so, you have made time to remedy any problems before they become an issue. Issues that always occur at the least appropriate time.

Times have changed though and we know that you either aren’t confident, or don’t know how to carry out these checks yourself, so we have teamed up with Castrol to make the process less of a chore.


A recent study conducted by Castrol across several European countries found some interesting statistics, and we suspect that number 4 accounted for a fair chunk of the first 3!


  1. 21% of vehicles on European roads are low on oil with their oil level close to,

at or below minimum

  1. 8% of vehicles on European roads are at or below minimum and at a critical level
  2. 44% of drivers have not checked their oil level in the last 6 months
  3. 32% of car owners would prefer a mechanic to check their oil level for them


Based on a lot of phone calls we take from our customers, we also suspect that the Service you had ‘a couple of months ago’ was more likely to have been over a year ago.


To make it easier for you, and to keep your hands clean, we are happy to carry out these checks for you. Simply call your local branch and we will arrange for you to come in so that we can carry out a Vehicle Health Check to give you peace of mind.