Michelin Cross Climate - One Tyre All Conditions

"In the UK, we experience every sort of winter driving condition. Heavy snow in 2012, the cold and wet winter of 2014, to the mild and warm winter of 2015, the UK really is an unpredictable climate.

 This unpredictability makes tyre choices for the British motorist difficult. Without question, winter tyres are the right tyre for freezing and snowy conditions, but with the last few winters characterised by warm wet conditions, a summer tyre would be the smarter choice overall.

This has lead us to start recommending "all season" tyres as the correct tyre to fit in the winter. All season tyres offer approximately 85% of a summer tyres performance in the dry and wet, and 85% of a winter tyres performance the snow which gives them a slightly better operating window for the UK than a full winter. While this balance of qualities is the best compromise currently available, the ideal tyre for the UK tyre market is a tyre which offers 99% of a summer tyres performance in the dry and wet, yet still offers the ability to perform in snow and ice for those few days a year we see adverse conditions. The good news is, Michelin claim to have done exactly that with the new Michelin CrossClimate."

(tyrereviews.co.uk - Published on 2015-03-05, by Jonathan Benson)

Guildford Tyre Company Ltd. have always been advocates of the correct tyre for the correct conditions, so have always recommended seperate Summer and Winter tyres. There are many benefits to this but most noticably is the ability for a Winter Tyre to perform on cold frosty mornings as well as in snowy or icy conditions.

We also recognise that not everyone wants two sets of tyres so have promoted All Season of 4 Season tyres to those customers. Technology has moved on though, and now there is a more versatile UK Centric option.

The Michelin Cross Climate, promises to be a game changer by offering better summer grip than its 4 Season counterparts, whilst still being effective in more traditional winter conditions.

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