Are Budget Tyres Really the Cheapest Option?

We stock and sell budget tyres because there is a demand for them through our wholesale channel, our trade delivery service and from some of our retail customers. If you would like them then we are more than happy for you to buy them.

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But, before you do...

Tyres tend to be a 'distress purchase' so it is easy to see the appeal of budget tyres. It's a purchase that no one is ready for and there are seemingly so many other things that could be done with the money instead.

But like everything else in life, you pay for quality and ultimately a better product. It may not be appareant what the differences are but in that respect tyres are just like shoes or washing machines, televisions or bicycles. Knowing what you are paying for makes the whole process more palatable.

There are physical differences across the main ranges of tyres (budget, mid brand and premium brand) but the differences that are most important to a consumer are the following 4 features and benefits. Broadly speaking, budget tyres offer:

  • Adequate Dry Grip - the grip in the dry will be OK. Not 'Good' or 'Excellent', just OK
  • Poor Wet Grip - the tyre will be more likely to skid or slide when braking or cornering when it rains
  • Poor Resilience - more likely to be damaged or punctured by potholes, road debris and kerbs
  • Poor Longevity - they simply don't last as long. Expect half the tyre life of a premium tyre, or more likely less


Here is a short video from WHATCAR? that highlights some of those:

And here is a longer video from continental:


The key information in this video is that the budget tyre took an average of 14 metres or 3 and 1/2 car lengths extra to stop. When the premium tyre had come to a stop, the car on budget tyres was still travelling at 31mph.


The best way to look at the difference between budget and premium tyres is to think that each step up in price gives you an extra benefit.

  • Good Wet Grip
  • Good Dry Grip
  • Good Resilience
  • Good Longevity


A budget tyre may be cheap but it will probably only give you two of the above benefits. A premium tyre will cost a bit more but will likely give you all four.

The final thing to bear in mind is that as per both videos - the one attribute that most budget tyres lack is wet grip!